You have an important story to tell.

Perfect! There’s no better way to remember a major achievement, a watershed moment, or to honor someone important to you than by creating a permanent visual reminder … a piece of art.

It doesn’t have to be a big task. In fact, it can be a fun and satisfying process to get to just the right image; the right expression.

You have a story that deserves that permanence. Putting photos and memorabilia in a scrapbook is a good start. The natural tendency of being human is ‘out of sight out of mind’ when it comes to these things. When you engage our help to create artwork of that experience and of those people, you make it part of the wallpaper of your life. There’s nothing like having that visual moment as an everyday reminder of who and what you love; what means most to you. Whether it makes you happy or encourages you to ponder, you’ve created an emotional barometer and reset mechanism.

Here's how we do it:

FIRST – Decide the experience you’d like to memorialize or who you would like to honor


An email or a phone call or a text will get the process going. Let’s discuss your reason to do this and go over your ideas with a simple first-pass or in detail if you’re ready. It costs you nothing to have a consultation. We'll listen closely to your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements you have in mind and put our mind to it as well.


Answer Questions About Your Story: At this step you will receive a simple questionnaire that considers different aspects of your story. We can offer guidance as you go through it.

Explore Our Portfolio: Dive into our gallery to discover our unique style and previous works. Find the artistic soul that resonates with your vision. 

Collaborate: Together, we'll brainstorm and refine the concept, ensuring every brushstroke captures the essence of your imagination. Our expertise merges with your inspiration for a masterpiece that speaks to your heart.

Agree on Terms: Once the scope of the project is defined, we'll iron out the details – timelines, pricing, and payment terms – to ensure a smooth and transparent process.


Renderings: This is the point when we roll up our sleeves and start building layouts. This is when you start pulling together images and objects and documents and other related ephemera. The main storyline is created and sample rough designs are drawn up and discussed. We decide on the best approach and a design is chosen.

Refinement: When we have a good grasp on design solutions that are just right, they are presented to you and you have time to live with it and let it simmer. This could be one or several renderings as image files. However it may require. This is where we help you build a piece that you would never stumble across at an auction or gallery. Along with the renderings of the art, we will send you an simulation of how your work will look when it is displayed. Simply get out your camera and text us photos of the wall that will receive the art so you can get a better sense of the final outcome before paint goes on canvas. 


Stay Connected: Throughout the creation journey, we'll keep you updated with progress reports and seek your feedback to ensure we're on track to exceed your expectations.


Delivery: You will receive your new artwork within just a few weeks, ready to install.

Enjoy your permanent keepsake: When your commissioned piece is complete, bask in the joy of seeing your vision brought to life! We're here to celebrate this artistic triumph with you.


Commissioning art is more than just a transaction – it's a collaborative adventure that celebrates the things you've done and those unforgetable people in your life.

A simple call or will move your idea well down the road. Feel free to call anytime. Let's talk about your story and let's honor a legacy. 

Call or Text: 801-787-0474


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